Awards & Comments

Awards Received:

Unpublished Beacon Award
Hold Me, Thrill Me Award
Gateway To The Best (Finalist)
Lone Star Contest (Finalist) ~ (3 perfect scores of 100 from preliminary judges. Just…wow.)
The Catherine (Finalist)


Judges Comments:

Forged in Dreams and Magick, Highland Legends Series:

“I’m overheating . . . I could feel him as he pressed her into the desk.”

“I want to read this book. I have to know what happens. . . .  I was in love with every page . . .
Please let me know when you publish. I want to buy it.”

“Would love to read more when published.”

“You’ve got a natural talent and fantastic voice.”

“The imagery is vivid and your voice is unique and vibrant.”

“. . . handled skillfully, intuitive pacing.”

“. . . I LOVE the way you’ve set it up. So new! . . . really fresh premise.”

“Great sexual tension.”

“The author has a fantastic knowledge of Scotland and its history. She writes strong,
realistic characters and does impeccable research.”

Modern-Day Assassin Series:

“. . . great story and a killer voice . . . very suited to urban fantasy”

“. . . writing like this . . . makes you a memorable author. Really stellar work that makes you a
pleasure to read.”